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Amplify is a breakthrough end-to-end customer management software solution developed by Intelli Solutions, which is a specialized IT consulting firm with vast experience and strong know-how on developing software solutions, in cooperation with ClientIQ whose dedicated team have deep knowledge in Customer Engagement and Loyalty Programs.

Co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE (project code:T1EDK—03307)

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Amplify offers today a complete customer engagement solution that will transform your business, redefining the way you approach your customers and creating long-lasting relationships with them. Amplify can tailor loyalty programs to your business specific needs, helping you to increase your market share and maximize the return of the loyalty program investment.



Amplify™ Loyalty Platform Components

A state-of-the-art platform, supporting the design of complex reward schemes and programs, accompanied by a flexible campaign management mechanism as well as powerful data analysis capabilities and options.


The platform supports a fully customizable, multichannel Customer enrollment process. Customers can enroll to your loyalty program either in-store, or through a mobile app, web app, or even through your call center. 

For each enrolled member the platform provides a 360o profile view, consolidating transactions, interactions and multiple behavioral characteristics  from all available sources to enable the business to effectively segment its portfolio, providing optimized customer experience. Indicatively, Amplify Platform can collect data at customer level, from your ERP, the e-shop, the CRM, the web portal and the social media. 

Different access levels can be defined for distinct user categories to provide essential information, while being GDPR compliant.

The full orchestration of the loyalty program is performed in this module, including:

  • Multi Points accumulation mechanisms based on transactions, customer attributes, behaviors or interactions with the business
  • Multi Points redemption capabilities in the form either of cash back, discount, or voucher for supporting in house redemption
  • Ad-hoc reward promos set up functionality for specific time period, products or customer segments

Partners’ Portal is a specialized area for 3rd party companies who participate in the loyalty program. The portal enables the back-end user to easily manage collaborating companies’ accounts, set-up the redemption functionality per partner and create a variety of promotional activities. This module offers:

  • Multiple redemption capabilities at collaborating partners in the form either of Digital Loyalty Coupons, E-shop coupons, Pre-Loaded Partners Coupons, or even 3rd party loyalty coupons,
  • Flexible integration process with 3rd party systems, facilitating the partners’ agreement        
  • Administration of Partners accounts
  • For the collaborating merchants, the module offers a microsite for coupon validity check and coupon redemption, as well as an overview of the loyalty related activity for reconciliation purposes 

The insights module provides a dynamic dashboard environment for monitoring & management of the loyalty program, as well as a front-end tool for powerful analytics & reporting.

Additionally, on the platform’s homepage the back-end user can have a quick overview of the loyalty program’s key performance metrics. 

A wide variety of options are available in the campaign’s module of the Amplify platform, including:

  • Mass & targeted campaigns through all communication channels
  • Targeting only customers that have provided essential consents, as per GDPR
  • Automated Campaigns Execution through real time integration with messaging platforms (emails and messaging)
  • Flexible Control group creation mechanism for effective campaigns’ evaluation
  • Built-in Customer Selection Criteria, custom-made for each business
  • Dynamic email editor with sample testing prior to communication dispatch
  • Campaigns’ performance tracking
The campaign module can also be provided separately from the rest of the platform, meeting relative business needs. 

Amplify API can be interacted / integrated with any system within your organization or with the social media, aiming to collect all available customer interactions with your company enriching their profile. 

A user-friendly mobile application, that helps businesses stay connected in real time with their customers.


Unify & Manage your Contacts based on GDPR

Predefined templates to choose or upload a new Content Rich text editor with multiple variables.

Communicate with Clients based on GDPR.

Ability for external lists uploading to be used for targeting campaigns.

Enriched Customer Profile enabling more personalized communication.

Review, Test & Execute your Campaign

Monitor, Measure & Improve your Loyalty Programs’ Results.

Enable the control group mechanism to effectively measure your campaigns’ impact.

Track your campaigns’ results.

We offer 360ᵒ support, from the design and set-up,

to the day-to-day management of your loyalty program.

Business Consulting

We can design the best fitting program for your business, develop a 5-year enrollment plan with ROI analysis and customize the loyalty platform accordingly to ensure seamless operations.

Technical Support

We can also train your employees, develop all essential activities and using advanced analytics we build portfolio strategies to boost business impact while also monitoring the results of the program.

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